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Short news

Sep 06 2013 - Reminder for old users

During the update, we had to separate our user database from Tibia ML. For this reason you will have to create a completely new account - your old account data (from Tibia ML) will not work. The good news is that creating an account takes about 10 seconds now :)

Sep 06 2013 - Smuggler is back online!

We are very happy to announce that after almost a month of downtime our world trade service is up and running again!

As you have already noticed, some changes were made to the design and functionality of our website. Here are some of them:

* The calculator was moved to the main page. What is more, it now calculates everything on-the-fly! Furthermore, you can use the calculator even if one of the worlds is blocked for transfers or we do not have enough gold on desired game world - only the creation of a world trade order will not be possible if that's the case.

* We now have a new navigation bar. You can find links to all key parts of our website there - no more searching for desired link in a sturdy menu.

* Gold list will now inform you better if certain game world is blocked for transfers. It will also display a warning if we are close to reaching gold cap on a certain game world just so you know that very high world trades from that game world may be rejected.

If you happen to notice any bugs on the website, or in the WT process, please visit our Help page and contact us!

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